Partnerships Built on Trust, Knowledge & Succesful Results 

Growing your business requires more from your vendors than the efficient execution of fundamental business services. In this climate of relentless competition, rapidly changing technology and dynamic shifts in customer needs, taking your business to the next level requires the unexpected.

InteIligent Marketing is keenly focused on developing new ways to bring you and your customers an unexpected unique positive experience. Intelligent Marketing provides the tools and resources that improves effectiveness and differentiates you from the competition.  IMI supports your team with that little something extra, an added level of service & support that makes prospects, long term clients.

InteIligent Marketing provides best in class product and sales training, end-user demonstrations, trade show and special event support.  IMI assist your team with systems design, submittals and proposals. IMI works with senior management to provide product road maps, cost reduction initiatives, tools for vertical market development, insight on resource management, dealer councils and more.

InteIligent Marketing has the experience and relationships to bring the full spectrum of resources from each of our manufacturers to work for you. We maximize synergy and estabish mutual goals that take full advantage of our manufacturers skills and capabilities.  Let IMI help you deliver an unexpected unique positive experience to your customers and prospects.